Request Training from our Elite Training CorpsRequest Training from our Elite Training Corps

WarBirds, Dawn of Aces, and Armored Assault are not casual arcade games. They are sophisticated simulations and take some real learning on the part of new players to achieve a level of proficiency to be able to compete with the WarBirds veterans.

There are important ways to learn to fly WarBirds that all new players should take advantage of:

  1. There are a significant number of training missions included in the WarBirds software.
  2. When a new player comes online, he is sent to the Special Training Arena. In this Arena, there are no live enemy aircraft. All enemy aircraft are AI and you should practice dogfighting, bombing, strafing and other flying skills without worry about other human players to shoot you down. Stay away from the AI aircraft and they will not come after you.
  3. The Warbirds Training Corps is available on a walk-in basis. Enter the arena, go to red country F1, broadcast your request for assistance on 101. If you have TeamSpeak 3, you can find them in the Training Lobby on our server. Walk in training occurs in the Online Training Arenas at the following times.
    1. North America Training
      1. Tuesdays - 2100-0100 (9 PM to 1 AM) Eastern US time.
      2. Thursdays - 2100-0100 (9 PM to 1 AM) Eastern US time.
    2. European Training
      1. Tuesdays 1900 to 2100 GMT (7 PM to 9 PM London Time)
    3. Asia Training
      1. Mondays 1000 to 1230 GMT
  4. For special times and personal training you can email and set up a time to meet one of our real trainers in the training arenas at a time of your convenience.
  5. Additionally you can talk directly to our trainers on the WarBirds Training Forum
  6. You should find a good Squadron to join. Other Squad members are good at providing individual training for new players.

If you want some personal training or have a specific question for our trainers, please fill out the form below with your correct name, your email, your time zone, and a short description of what kind of training you want, and what time and day you want that training either inside the training times above or a time of your convenience if we can schedule it. (We cannot always accommodate all special times and it is better if you come into the training arenas when Trainers are on duty.)

Please provide us with the following information to assist us with getting you to the right trainer.

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