WarBirds - Red BaronWarBirds - Red Baron

The Battle in the Sky during the Great WAR, World War I, 1914 - 1918

WarBirds Red Baron
Genre: Action/Sim, Shooter, 3rd person Launch Date: Q3 2010
Platform(s): PC and Mac/ 1 DVD Number of Players: 1 - MMOG
Target Age: 12 - 45
T for Teen: Violence


World War I was the period in History when the aeroplane came of age. Two brothers from Dayton, Ohio, USA, invented the aeroplane in 1903. Eleven years later, the military had begun to purchase this new invention, primarily for observation purposes.

By 1916, the airplanes were being armed with more powerful and more deadly guns. What began as a gentlemen’s profession turned into a deadly aerial ballet. The pilots on the Allied side did not even wear parachutes. It was not considered manly and the commanders thought it would make pilots abandon their airplanes too early.

The biggest ace of the period was Baron Von Richthofen, "The RED BARON!" The Red Baron collected 80 kills during the war. Von Richthofen learned to fly in March 1915 and died in April 1918 in a battle with 8 Sopwith Camels.

World War I flying games have sold millions of units at retail. Two products alone have sold over 1 million units. Sierra Online launched the first game called Red Baron, which sold more than 700,000 units. MicroProse launched Knights of the Sky and sold over 300,000 units (this game was produced by iENT CEO, JW Wild Bill Stealey).

World War I flyers did not use missiles, radars, or battle from a distance. These pilots could look the enemy in the eye. These pilots also flew close to the ground and always had to be concerned about ground fire. WarBirds-Red Baron is a graphically excellent, historically correct, and exciting simulation game for arcade, realistic, and expert players.


  1. Search for the Red Baron! Get to be the best WW I Aviator in the World! Win the Title of WGFP! "World’s Greatest Fighter Pilot" of WW I.
  2. Campaign Mission of WW I from 1914 to 1918. Thousands of randomized missions so no two missions ever the same!
  3. Full set of Training and Practice and Instant Action Mission
  4. Fly aircraft, airships, (Zeppelins), defend in anti-aircraft guns, drive trucks or armored vehicles to take enemy territory and accomplish your missions.
  5. Real world topography of the area of Europe where WW I took place.
  6. 10 authentic WW I airplanes.
  7. Authentic sounds and vintage photographs included in the game.
  8. Ability to play MMOG online with hundreds of other live players around the world. Free 30 Day Online account.
On the Way on the Mission
On the Way on the Mission!

What Makes WarBirds- Red Baron Fun!

  • Great State of the Art Graphics
  • Cool Subject-World War I Flying Combat!
  • Great Explosions
  • Great Action
  • Real History
  • Military Heroes
  • Lots to do-Bomb, Strafe, Dogfight, Defend using Ack-Ack, fly Airships!

Game Storyline

  • The Great War started in 1914.
  • Airplanes were nothing more than observers of the battles below.
  • By 1916, aircraft started being armed.
  • The first significant air battles began as machine guns gained the ability to fire through propellers by mechanical connection.
  • Baron von Richthofen, the best German Ace, claimed over 80 victories as the Red Baron.
  • The player will participate in many of the great air battles of World War I and affect the outcome of the War.

Game Missions

  • Training Missions–Learn the cockpit, takeoffs, bombing and strafing, dogfighting, and bringing your aircraft home!
  • Instant Action Missions–Jump into one of 8 different missions where the fight is on! Air to Air, Air to Ground, in your armored vehicle, and more!
  • Campaign Missions–A Series of linked historical missions leading up to the success or failure of the air battle over the trenches!
  • Multiplayer - Go Online in massively multiplayer reenactments of historical battles against hundreds of other players online worldwide!
Fokker on Patrol!
Fokker on Patrol!

Sample Campaign Missions

  • Unlimited and varied Campaign Missions including the four below.
  • Bloody April: April 29th 1917–Baron von Richthofen is in the air and after you!
  • Hill 70: August 15th, 1917 – The Battle of Lens with Canadian troops leading the charge.
  • Two Against Twenty: May 7th 1918 – Charles Gass, the leading observer in the war, bagged 5 enemy planes in one day!
  • End Game: November 3rd, 1918 – The exciting final battle for Lille and Metz!
Looking for the Red Baron!
Looking for the Red Baron!

Reasons to Publish WarBirds- Red Baron

  • Extremely successful game subject
  • Exciting and professional product
  • Experienced Development Group
  • Award winning game engine.
  • Built in Marketing and PR angle with "Wild Bill" and successful WarBirds engine game.
  • Easily Convertible to the X-Box Game system. Software engine already operates on X-Box.
    • Product could be accomplished in less than 6 months.

iEntertainment Network has over 40 years of successful simulation game development experience.

The Team at iENT has produced over 30 successful military game simulations, many of which have sold over 1 million units at retail Worldwide.

iENT has developed an excellent and professional development system for producing military game simulations quickly, expertly, and inexpensively.

iENT’s System includes:

  1. Proprietary 3-D system developed over two years and over $1 million dollars in development time and staff.
  2. 3D system includes ability to use real world satellite data to display terrain from around the world. This feature puts mountains where they should be, all elevations are correct, rivers are in the right place, etc. This system is unique to iENT.
  3. iENT has developed real flight models in conjunction with US military aerospace contractors and continues to refine this system.
  4. iENT has the Patent for managing Internet Latency in real time for computer games. iENT’s patent is the method for managing the latency that is inherent in time issues on the Internet required to make simulations and most other Internet games.
  5. Atmospheric features have been added to the system including puffy cloud features.

iENT plans on producing an entire line of military simulations over the next few years.

  1. WarBirds- Red Baron: World War I Combat Simulation
  2. M4 Tank Brigade: World War II Tank Simulation
  3. F-15 Strike Eagle: Modern Combat Flying Simulation
  4. M1A2 Tank Brigade: Modern Tank Simulation
  5. Afghanistan, 2011- Modern FPS Shooter game in the Battle Zone!


  • Unique series of military game simulations
  • Single player training, instant action, and campaign missions.
  • Arcade through expert settings.
  • Historically accurate combat vehicles and weapons.
  • Rewards, medals, and rank for mission accomplishment.
  • Fun, exciting, and commercially successful computer games.