Brand New and Improved Graphic System with more Polygons, Better Terrains, More Special Effects, and Bigger Explosions!

Genre: Action/Sim, Shooter, 3rd person Launch Date: Q3 2011
Platform(s): PC and Mac/ 1 DVD Number of Players: 1 - MMOG
Target Age: 12 - 45
T for Teen: Violence

WarBirds: Dogfights 2012 Screen Shots!


WarBirds Dogfights

WarBirds -Dogfights 2012 gives players fast-flying combat aerial fights across the embattled skies of Europe and the Pacific during WW II with a brand new graphic system, with more polygons and more detail in the aircraft, the terrains, and all the special effects. New sounds, new tracers, new explosions greatly enhance the WarBirds Dogfights 2012 experience! Players can choose among 100 historically accurate aircraft to battle an armada of incoming aircraft in thousands of unique action packed combat mission combinations.

With Dogfight’s dynamic game engine, no two air battles will ever be the same. Imagine a dogfight with you against 10 MeBf-109s …you’re low on fuel, your ammo is running out…only your airspeed, altitude, and your steely self-control will keep you alive on the Ace level! Get in some shots and get out or you die!

Gamers choose one of three levels of pilot expertise: Rookie, Veteran, or the highly skilled Ace. In each air battle the player can score points, build rank, and acquire medals to compete for the coveted title of WGFP – Worlds’ Greatest Fighter Pilot!

Players can fly over multiple historical terrains including England, Europe, and North Africa, including many of the great cities like London, Paris, and Berlin. Players can participate in Pacific battle campaigns over the Philippines and Midway terrains.

Players who purchase Dogfights at retail also get a 30-day free trial in the aerial combat MMOG WarBirds where players can compete in air-to-air action against other real players in online combat and join online squadrons. They can go on raids with their squadron mates and participate in reenactments of many of the great air events of World War II. Online WarBirds can be found at secure2019.ient.com/totalsims. Players can learn how to manage air-to-air combat online in real time, and to fly with live personal trainers by logging into the online arenas of WarBirds.

WarBirds Dogfights is a fast action simulation where the player lifts off and is right into the Action. No searching for a battle in Dogfights! The Battles come to the player! And it is a true simulation that will task all the players skill to learn enough about combat aviation to survive and prosper as a Fighter Pilot! With simple action in the Arcade Level, challenge for the experienced action flight sim fan in the Pilot Level, and the ultimate conflict in the Ace Level, players of all ages and skill levels with have fun over and over with the varied and exciting missions of Dogfights.

WarBirds Dogfights sets up a series of historical mission types and terrains. In each mission type and terrain, hundreds of random missions are generated for the player to fly so no two missions are ever the same! In the list below of Mission Options the player could choose any Mission Option and the only things that remain constant are the terrain and the number of enemies. The types of enemy aircraft, where the enemy aircraft takes off from and where they head for their missions are randomly generated from a table of probable real missions of World War II.

The player gets to pick from one of six aircraft to take on the enemy on each mission!

Mission Options in Dogfights

  1. Tunisa Burning Torch
    1. Dueling 1 V 1
    2. Dueling 2 V 2
    3. Dueling 4 V 4
    4. Dueling 8 V 8
  2. Midwar Alliies Dueling 4 V 4
  3. Midwar Axis Dueling 4 V 4
  4. Tunisa Burning Torch
    1. Intercept 1
    2. Intercept 2
    3. Intercept 3
  5. astern Front: “The Dead of Winter” Intercept
  6. Trobuk: “Desert Birds” – Intercept
  7. Germany: Defending the Fatherland” Intercept
  8. Phillipines “Death Before Dishonor” Intercept
  9. Midway: “Blue Water, Red Sun” Intercept
  10. English Channel: “Channel Raiders” Intercept
  11. Malta “Assault on Malta” Escort
  12. Europe” Assault on Fortress Europe” Escort
  13. Atoll: “Action in the Atoll” Intercept

The player can fly a multitude of training missions to get ready for the real combat of the Missions. Over 20 training missions provided in the game simulation.

While he is flying, the player is generating score, medals, and rank to try to get to the exalted position of “WGFP”, “World’s Greatest Fighter Pilot!”

Selling Points

  • Proven Track Record. Brand new version of the World Famous WarBirds TotalSims series of games that have sold over 1 million retail games and deemed the “top of the online flight-simming pyramid” (PC Gamer) and several time winner of “simulation of the year” awards.
  • Single-player Action Combat. The Player is thrown right into the action with multiple geographical terrains, multiple mission types, and over 100 aircraft to fly and battle with. No looking for a battle for the player. WarBirds Dogfights brings the battle right to the player as soon as he takes off. No two missions ever the same with the sophisticated random mission generator of Dogfights!
  • Complete Training Available. For new players, Dogfights provide short introductory training at game start and over 20 training missions in the Training Tab of the game simulation. And if the player wants a live instructor pilot to join him in his aircraft, he can come online and get live training using the FREE Teamspeak voice over IP system online. A player not familiar with real flying can be brought up to speed as a real fighter pilot with just a few hours of instruction. The player will then spend many hours trying to be an Ace and will be continuously learning to be a better and better fighter pilot!
  • Multiple Skill Levels for Beginners to Experts. Enjoy WarBirds Dogfights as an arcade game or as a simulation. The arcade level is Rookie, which eliminates the spinning of aircraft, the blackouts and red outs, and gives the player big guns and a hardened aircraft with unlimited ammo. The player can move on to the Veteran level which has the settings, the ammo, the toughness of the online WarBirds game for a veteran flight sim player. In the Ace mode, the player had better be a great flier as any shots on his aircraft will bring him down. He has to out fly, out maneuver, and out shoot his enemies. Each level moves the player more and more to the ultimate simulation of real tank combat during World War II.
  • New Role-playing Reward System. WarBirds: Dogfights 2012 introduces its new role-playing reward system that invites players to become immersed in their personas by allowing them to grow in rank and be rewarded as they successfully complete missions.
  • Historical Accuracy and Remarkable Detail. WarBirds: Dogfights 2012 dedicates itself entirely to the same remarkable historical accuracy and attention to detail that has made the WarBirds series one of the most visually impressive war sims ever
  • A Wealth of Options. Players can choose from countless online scenarios, modes and options that gives WarBirds- Dogfights a stunningly deep playing experience. Pick from an array of WWII aircraft, each with its entirely unique combat characteristic and “personality,” making each game a new experience.
  • Online Play. Master the single player missions and training and you will be ready for the next step -- an awe-inspiring online community where upward of 200 players are battling. Play in the online arenas for Free for 30 days or join the TotalSims community arenas where hundreds of players recreate the actual missions of World War II. The TotalSims online community has consistently been rated one of the best and most helpful to beginners, providing a perfect environment for non-experienced and veteran players alike.

Technical Requirements


  • Pentium 4, 1.8 MHz or higher recommended.
  • 256 MB RAM, 512 recommended for best play.
  • DirectX 10.0 compatible, or DirectX 9.1 compatible (recommended for best play) sound and video cards with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP drivers.
  • Mouse and keyboard, Joystick is highly recommended.
  • Throttle and Rudder pedals are not necessary, but recommended to enhance the overall experience of the game. Several manufacturers make models of their flight control systems for the PC.
  • Video Card that supports Hardware T&L.
  • Internet connection is necessary to take advantage of the online capabilities of the game.


  • CPU Processor: Universal Binary, G4 or Intel Mac.
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later.
  • Video Memory, 256 MB RAM required, 512 MB or higher recommended.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB of free space
  • Joystick, mouse and keyboard. Throttle and Rudder pedals are recommended. Several manufacturers make models of their flight control systems for the Macintosh.
  • Internet Connection required for online play.

Critical Acclaim for the Total Sims Series of Simulation Games

"The WarBirds series has been around for some time, and continues to be one of the best combat flight simulations around."

"You won't find an online WW2 sim that even comes close to what WarBirds offers."

"For several years now WarBirds has graced the unfriendly skies of the Internet, …as one of the most intense and realistic World War II flight simulators ever attempted for the computer."

"Would I recommend WarBirds? The answer is: Yes, Absolutely! WarBirds is a blast to play. Nothing compares to flying against actual unpredictable human opponents in real time with some of the most accurate flight models available."
-Computer Games Online

"WarBirds is simply the best of the lot. The combination of the excellent flight, weapon and damage modeling, the 3D graphics, and the kick of flying in the same airspace with some of the biggest hotshots to ever sit down in front of a joystick, makes it a thrilling and rewarding experience."

"WarBirds provides one of the most entertaining and challenging air-combat environments on the Net."
-PC Gamer

"WarBirds III was my first foray into the world of massively-multiplayer online gaming and the sense of amazement that I felt seeing more than 100 players engaged in an online war cannot be understated. The game provided me with moments that I have never experienced in my years of PC simming."

"… a great addition to any flight-sim fan's library."
-Simulation News

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